Local Guide Trips

Smallmouth Bass

Spend the day chasing smallmouth on our local waters.

We will be throwing streamers, crayfish patterns and poppers. Smallmouth Bass are a super aggressive fish and put up a great fight on a fly rod!

A faster action six or seven weight fly rod is perfect for throwing smallmouth flies.  Waders are not needed on the local warm water fisheries.  A pair of quick drying shorts and a good pair of felt bottom wading boots with guard socks make for the perfect wading gear.  If we are floating a stream, we will use the craft to get from point A to point B, but we are out of the craft fishing all day.  This is an “in-and-out of the watercraft all day” trip and we will be walking the stream. 

We fish the Little Miami River and the East Fork of the Little Miami in Ohio and the Whitewater River in Indiana.  All of these locations would make a great trip to take your warm water fishing to the next level. 

Some customers that have taken a beginner school, have their own gear and are in the early stages of their fly fishing career use a local Guide Trip as their Private On-Stream School to work out some of the kinks or just soak up the knowledge of the guide.  This is a perfect way to learn many of the nuances of fly fishing.  Communicate to your guide what you hope to get out of the day so that we may tailor the day to your wants.



Brookville Tailwater provides a trout fishing opportunity unique to this part of the country.  An aquatic environment with numerous insects such as stone flies, caddis, mayflies, midges and crustaceans such as the scud provide trout with a high protein diet.  Add to this numerous species of baitfish and you have the makings of a good local trout option.   This is a “put and take” fishery stocked with both rainbows and browns averaging around 10”.  Fish in the 16”-18” class can be found and there are some fish pushing 20”.  Some large Brown Trout have been caught on this waterway. Though the tailwater is short, with only about 2 miles before the confluence of the Whitewater River, there is plenty of access. 

The tailwater can be used as a “trout primer” trip.  We will work on all the basics of trout fishing and can dedicate some time to casting, if needed. 

On our local guide trips, the angler will need to provide their own fishing and wading gear.  The guide will provide the leaders, tippet and flies.


If you are interested in a local guide trip or "next level on-stream school", please stop in the shop, call us at 513-871-FISH or email [email protected].  We need your name, phone number and email address and our guide will contact you.  Also include any helpful information (number of anglers; ages; experience level; etc.).  After you and the guide decide what type of trip you will be taking, a price will be quoted to you.