Continental Pheasant Shoots

The air is cooler…the leaves are just starting to change color…. It’s time to warm up those gun barrels!

The first Continental Pheasant Shoot for 2019 is just around the corner. Because of the unique terrain of Shags Run, the pheasants release station provides great presentations, especially when there is some wind blowing across the ridges. Join us for a day of shooting, dog work and sporting camaraderie.
There are 10 pegs with two shooters at a peg. There will be 10 pheasants released for each shooter and the hunt will be limited to 20 shooters. There will peg rotation every day birds. This will allow shooters to see different presentations and hopefully everyone gets a chance at the “hot spot”. Shags Run will have retrieving dogs on hand and you are welcome to bring your own. Please notify us at the time of payment if you are bringing a dog. After the hunt all the birds will be cleaned and divided equally among the shooters. Please bring a cooler to take home your birds. Lunch will be served in the hunt shanty.
Participants are required to wear eye protection, blaze orange hats and vests. 12, 16 or 20 gauge shotguns are recommended. No shot larger than #6 will be allowed for the Continental Shoot. It is suggested that you bring a minimum of 3 boxes of ammunition.