shipment of Stetson hats has arrived

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shipment of Stetson hats has arrived

The shop has added four new hats to our range of best gear for the outdoors.  There are three styles of straw hats that are perfect for summer fishing, a day in the dove field or working in your garden at home.

Along with the great straw hats, we have brought in the classic Bozeman wool hat in two colors.  Designed for outdoor adventures, this is a hat that will keep up with you on the trail, the ranch, and beyond.  Made from wool, it’s soft enough to roll up — perfect for packing on your next journey. Naturally water-resistant and featuring a large brim, the Bozeman offers plenty of protection from the elements.  Lightweight and versatile, this is a hat for camping, fishing, exploring — anywhere performance and everyday ease are key.  Handmade in Garland, Texas.

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