fishing report August 6th

fishing report August 6th

The clarity of the stream looked much better than last week, but the water level is still a bit low.  Hopefully rain will pass through our area this coming week.

I started the day off with a bead head rubber leg bugger.  This is the same fly I have thrown for years.  Not much luck.  Slow start to the day.  I finally convinced one smallie to take the bugger as I was swinging it off a rocky bank.  Average size; nothing to write home about.

I switched many times during the first half of the day.  At least eight different flies: popper, foam cicada, couple different streamers.  Not much excitement.

I then put on the D&H Clouser (purple & white to mimic Ted's larger purple & white streamer).  First cast...BAMM.  Nice take and we are off to the races!

The rest of the day I stayed with the D&H Clouser and it produced ten fish with three being above average. 

Can you see the slight color change in the stream?  Swing your streamers through the slightly cloudy looking water.

Moral of the story..."If it ain't happening, switch it up!"