Ted Nicholson

Fly Fishing - Fly Tier

Hi! I am Ted Nicholson.
Ted Nicholson

Born and raised in Cincinnati, I grew up gear fishing the local waters. I didn't get into fly fishing until my college years in Michigan. It quickly became a passion for me. I am a competent fly tier as well and love experimenting with new and creative patterns. In the spring, fall, and summer you can pretty much guarantee I'm out fishing when I am not working. In the heart of winter I put up my rods for skis and sit at my vise in the evenings. In the summer I love going north to Michigan. Enjoying camping and fishing with friends. I target all species of fish. I like the different challenge each one presents. I have been working in speciality outdoor stores now for five years now. Fly fishing helps me pursue my true passion: being outside.

Questions for Ted Nicholson

Q: What is your favorite vise?
A: Renzetti Traveler Cam serier Pedestal Vise: This product will probably the only vise that I will ever have to buy. The vise itself is incredibly well made. The rotary function on it is always super smooth. It is able to accommodate very large patterns and small too.

Q: What type of tying kit do you use?
A: Fish Pond road trip tying kit: Since I find myself tying while I travel or going to fly tying events I really enjoy this kit. It is just the right size so it is easy to get around with. There is so much storage in such a small bag. You can fit everything you need for a great tying session while traveling. There is a protective sleeve for you tying vise and plenty of storage for tying materials.

Q: Which jacket can't you live without?
A: Men's Patagonia R1: This jacket is of one the most versatile pieces I own for fly fishing. It can be worn year round. As a starting layer on cool summer mornings on the river and as a nice mid layer for cold winter days on the river. No need to worry if it gets wet either - its polypropylene construction makes it very quick drying!