Mark Walters

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Hi! I am Mark Walters.
Mark Walters

Chasing Smallmouth bass on the Elkhorn Creek in Kentucky, trout in Montana and bonesfish in the Bahamas are some of my favorite fly fishing experiences. September 1 is opening day for dove season and I look forward to this day every season. The first few weeks in September are prime for Kentucky dove shoots and it is a highlight of my Fall to host and participate in several shoots early in the month. Mid-October is a good time to head to Wisconsin for some grouse hunting and try to get some late season Elkhorn fishing in. Opening D&H was a dream of mine since college and I'm so proud of our guys and the gear and apparel selection we have been able to bring to Cincinnati for our customers. To contact me directly, please email

Questions for Mark Walters

Q: What is your favorite pair of hunting boots?
A: Danner Grouse. I have been wearing these boots for about fifteen years and they are great. I start off dove shooting in September and wear them till the end of grouse season in February. They have proven themselves as waterproof in the bogs of northern Wisconsin.

Q: What is your fly rod of choice?
A: I enjoy trying new technology and different actions, but I always go back to my Thomas & Thomas 9' #6 Horizon fly rod. It is fast enough to turn over large Dixie Devils and my favorite streamer the olive Zuddler, but still can roll out a size 18 caddis on a spring creek.