Luke Sedacca

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Hi! I am Luke Sedacca.
Luke Sedacca

I’ve been with D&H for almost 12 years. Despite growing up in Cincinnati, D&H opened up a whole new world for me. In the past 11 years I have learned a lot, gained many new experiences, and made great friends. I grew up hunting and have been fortunate enough to bird and big game hunt in many different states. After watching other dogs hunt for many years, I finally got my own several years ago and did most of the training myself. Anyone that visits the shop regularly is likely to meet her.

I wasn’t a fly fisherman until I joined the D&H team. Since then, I’ve had opportunities to fly fish in many great places. As my interest in fly fishing grew, I learned to tie flies and eventually to teach others how to fly fish. Outside of the shop, I guide customers, am a D&H casting and fishing instructor, and an occasional trip host. In the shop, you'll see me on the floor as well as assisting with ordering, social media, and off-site D&H events.
Cincinnati is incredibly underrated as a “sporting” town. The guys in the shop can help you find great fishing and hunting opportunities all over the region. Please stop by and visit with us anytime.

Questions for Luke Sedacca

Q: A few pieces of favorite equipment/clothing?
A: I shoot a Fausti side by side 20 gauge with double triggers. I love the traditional feel and the versatility of this shotgun.

No matter what time of the year I’m rarely afield or in the store without my Stanley mug. This mug keeps tea or coffee warm for hours in the cold while hunting and is spill-proof so I don’t have to worry about throwing it in my gear bag.
I am huge Danner boots and Filson fan. They both make very tough gear and are thoroughly American brands.
I have a variety of fly rods and reels and am impressed by all of them.

Q: How old do you have to be to learn to fly fish?
A: There isn’t really an age minimum. We’ve had 11 year olds that were great fishermen and adults that couldn’t pay attention. Almost anyone can learn to fly fish. It is not a “muscle” sport and isn’t nearly as complicated as it looks. Good teachers can shorten the learning curve immensely.

Q: Favorite Place to hunt/Fish?
A: Anywhere w/ game birds! Locally, Billy Gerwins’ Shags Run preserve is my home-away-from-home. I have great memories fishing at Upper Canyon Outfitters in Montana, bass fishing on the Elkhorn creek and rock-hopping in the Smoky’s. There are lots of places still on the bucket list.