James Heskett

Fly Fishing

Hi! I am James Heskett.
James Heskett

After a fly fishing trip to Michigan for King Salmon when I was 15, fly fishing has become one of my greatest passions. I spend the summer months chasing smallmouth bass and carp on local streams and fish for trout in Massachusetts during the school year. I have fished in Michigan, Tennessee, and Alaska and would love to saltwater fly fish in the near future. When I'm not fishing I enjoy playing basketball and spending time with friends and family. I also plan become a competent tier. You can catch me working the shop floor and can reach me at dhshop@fuse.net.

Questions for James Heskett

Q: What is your favorite fly rod?
A: Without question, my favorite fly rod is my Sage ONE 690-4 with a fighting butt. It's light in the hand and is a fast-action fly rod that is very versatile and reliable. It turns over heavy nymph rigs for trout, chucks big streamers for smallmouth with ease, and allows precision casts for wary carp. It casts exceptionally well and is a fun rod to fish.

Q: Which jacket can't you live without?
A: The Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody is my go to fishing jacket. In the spring and fall I live in this jacket when I'm out on the water. It's super comfortable, has zipper storage space on the chest for a fly box, and has a hood for those chilly mornings. Even during a downpour the outer soft shell has kept me dry. It is an all-around awesome fishing jacket.